Creating the statue of St. Leonie Aviat from sketch to finished bronze for
Saint Bernadette of Lourdes Parish in Drexel Hill, PA

Starting work on the sketch Model in clay Fr. Kelly with the finished model Study for portrait of St. Leonie Aviat Working on the statue in clay, working on the veil of St. Aviat
Working on the girl's hair Fr. Kelly and Fr. Lucas are looking at the statue in clay Zachary Kainz is applying the first coat of the rubber mold Checking the wax casting of the top section of the statue Zach is doing the ceramic shell work
Pouring the molten bronze into ceramic shells Checking the top section cast in bronze Zach is putting the sections of the bronze together Welding the sections of the statue together The statue is sandblasted and polished
Zach is doing the patina work Installation was done by Philadelphia Traction Co. members The statue of St. Leonie Aviat is installed Olga Nielsen with her statue of St. Aviat Statue of St. Leonie Aviat